River Plan

MascomaPlancoverUnder RSA 483, the Mascoma River Local Advisory Committee is charged with developing and implementing a River Corridor Management Plan so that the outstanding qualities of the river may be better managed and protected now and in the future.

The Mascoma River Corridor Management Plan’s purpose is: to guide the Mascoma River LAC and its community partners as they take action to protect the unique and valuable resources of the Mascoma River.

The Mascoma River LAC adopted its plan on December 19, 2012; this is considered a Phase 1 plan, which identifies priority issues inthe Mascoma River watershed.

The Mascoma River LAC will use this plan to guide their work and will review goals and action items on an annual basis. While many different organizations have been working in the Mascoma River watershed for decades, this plan is the first to include both the newly-designated river and the entire watershed.

You can provide feedback and suggestions on the Mascoma River Plan through this online form.