Federal Resources:

Planning for Flood Recovery and Long-Term Resilience in Vermont: Smart Growth Approaches for Disaster-Resilient Communities by U.S. EPA

State Resources:

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Do I Need a State Environmental Permit? (links to NHDES online resources)

New Hampshire Rivers Council

Other Designated Rivers

Watershed/Local Resources:

Wildlife-Friendly Erosion Control – States of CA and MN

Wildlife-Friendly Plastic-Free Netting in Erosion and Sediment Control Products

SOAK Up The Rain Program

In 2014, NHDES launched the Soak Up the Rain Program to help NH residents protect clean water.

Concord, NH – Water pollution comes from everywhere, even your yard. Help is now available to community groups working with homeowners to fix erosion and water pollution problems on their lots caused by stormwater. To address these problems, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) is excited to launch the Soak Up the Rain

For more information, go to or or contact Jillian McCarthy at 271-8475.